What You Eat, Baby Eats

Gassy foods for you may result in gassy foods for baby. If baby is experiencing gas issues or bad poops, consider changing your diet or thinking about foods you ate that could cause gas (garlic, beans, broccoli, etc.) and eliminate those foods. 🥦 

Spicy foods may also result in digestion issues for baby 🌶 

Food sensitivities aren’t allergies but they can cause bad reactions and they can be extremely common. Your baby might have a food sensitivity if they aggressively kick when eating, experience runny poops, spit up or cry excessively after eating, and/or have lots of gas (what you or I might call Tummy Troubles). Talking to your care provider is advised and cutting out certain foods are key to helping baby. Dairy is by far the most common followed by the gassy foods mentioned above. 🐄 

Galactagogue (pronounced ga-lac-ta-gog) is not only a really cool word but it’s also any food or herb that can help stimulate milk production.  You’re probably already eating some of these common ones: • Oatmeal

• Almonds

• Dark, leafy veggies

• Dates

• Sesame Seeds

• Brown Rice

• Apricots

• Barley

• Fennel