When it comes to breastfeeding, pain is NOT ok. Will breastfeeding be uncomfortable? Most likely. But should it be painful? No. 🙅🏽‍♀️ If you’re feeling like you’re crying inside every time baby latches, here are some things you can do:

- Your baby should have at least one inch of breast tissue in their mouth when they latch, not just the nipple. 😲

- Try adjusting your posture - back straight, feet up on a stool, and using a nursing pillow. ☁️

- Sometimes switching up your positions alleviates some nipple pain. Most women feed in the cradle or the cross cradle position but a football hold can sometimes be beneficial for a better latch. 🏈

- Nipple balm is your friend. Rub some on before and after every feeding. In a pinch, coconut oil is safe to use and beneficial at helping prevent or get rid of thrust, so double whammy!! 🥥.

- Contact a postpartum doula. As a postpartum doula, basic breastfeeding support and know how is something I discuss with every single one of my mamas. We go over different positions, what makes a good latch, and how to help sore nipples. 🙌🏼

- Contact a lactation consultant. An LC will be able to help with advanced breastfeeding support. An LC will also be able to guide you for additional support should they think your baby has a lip or tongue tie. 💫