Hindmilk vs Foremilk

The breast only makes one type of milk, however, because of the way milk is released during a feeding, the fat content can change. ☝️ 

Foremilk is the non-fatty milk that is released first while hindmilk is the creamy, high in fat milk released near the end of a feeding/pumping session. Babies need both for healthy growth and development. 🧠 

There is no switch that gets flipped – the change from foremilk to hindmilk is gradual. ⏳

Depending on your nursing pattern, it’s possible for fat content to be higher at the beginning of a particular feeding than it is at the end of other feedings. The longer the time between feedings, the lower the fat content at the beginning of the next feeding. If feedings are closer together, you’re starting off with a higher fat content. 💪🏼

Because every baby varies in the amount of time it takes him to receive his fill of the higher-fat milk at the end of the feeding, it’s important not to switch breasts while baby is actively nursing. 🤱