When Baby is Sick

Cubby’s been sick. The runny nose is annoying but the body wrenching cough breaks my heart. I’ve said before that a mother’s breast is home base and I’ve never felt that more. He reaches out for me, wanting to nurse. My breasts are engorged for the first time in a long time. I haven’t pumped, saving it all for him. 💜 When Baby is sick, it is so important to keep nursing. Scientists believe that a baby’s saliva enters a mother’s nipple and cause the mother’s body to react, creating breastmilk specifically tailored with antibodies to help fight whatever Baby has got. Freakin cool, right?!?! 🔬 It’s been hard to nurse with the stuffy nose but plenty of snot sucking and steam showers help. No rushing feedings either. I know Cubby needs what I’ve got and I’ve never been prouder of my body for being able to help him. 💫