Let Down

Let’s talk LET DOWN. Some mamas never even feel a let down happening while others get let downs so crazy, Baby will be swimmin’ in milk 🦈 - A letdown is a release of milk from the breast and happens when the nerves of your breast are stimulated. This can happen several times over a feeding but typically you may only feel the first one or you may never feel a let down at all! Both are NORMAL! 🙌🏼

- Typically occurs within 2 minutes after the start of the feeding/pumping session but you can experience let downs just by hearing the sound of baby crying, thinking about your baby, or during sexual stimulation. 🍑

- May feel a tingling in your nipples or breast (like when your foot falls asleep) or possibly a tightening or pulling sensation. 👐🏼

- Some moms experience a fast let down. If baby is choking, gagging, gulping or has discomfort during nursing you may have a fast let down. 💦 - To alleviate discomfort for baby, try a different position such as holding baby upright to feed or doing the side lay position. Pumping or hand expression before feeding can also help. 🤚