How Much Time Should Baby Feed?

A big question breastfeeding mamas have is “How long do I leave Baby on the breast?” This can be a weighted question. Typically, there is no time restrictions for a baby that is actively gaining weight! A baby who feeds longer isn’t necessarily getting more calories and visa versa. Eating a meal in 60 minutes doesn’t provide any more calories than eating the same meal in 20 minutes. 🥘 Now, if your baby is having a hard time gaining weight, it IS important to keep them at the breast and try to get them the necessary amount of milk so they gain weight at a good ratio. 💪🏼 Typically, 15 to 20 minutes of ACTIVE eating on each side is a good timeframe (Check out my Active Eating post to see what active eating looks like). However, some babies are efficient eaters and take only 10 minutes while others need some extra time to finish their meal. ⏳ Most importantly is to follow your mama gut and if baby is gaining weight and establishing breastfeeding well, it’s ok to trust that Baby knows what they are doing. 🤱