Upping Your Supply

How to up your milk supply is a VERY common question. Firstly, every woman is different! Below are some suggestions on how to up your supply but if you try them and it doesn’t work for you, please don’t be discouraged! 🙇‍♀️ Why? Because besides hydration, stress is a huge factor in how much you pump! So come up with a plan of attack but if it’s not working for you, try something else and try to remember that upping a supply can take time ⏳

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Seriously. Set a timer if you need too. Just get that H2O in you 💦 

Pump after every feeding. This will suggest to your body to produce more milk. I’ve also had some mamas that choose to pump whenever they feel a letdown as well 🥛 

Put warm compresses against your breasts when you pump. Warmth encourages milk to flow 🌞 

Consume galactagogues. Besides being fun to say, a galactagogue is any substance that promotes lactation. Besides your usual Boobie Bars or lactation tea, some galactagogues are things like almonds, spinach, fennel, oatmeal, dates or even a stout beer! 🍺 

Try to pump in a comfy place and try thinking about Baby or smelling something of Baby’s. Some mamas might even pump while feeding Baby off the other breast. 👶🏼 Upping a supply is not going to happen overnight. Especially if you haven’t been pumping or your Baby is older and you’re producing milk on demand. I’ve struggled with this myself - gone are the days of engorged breasts and massive leaking because my body was getting used to Baby. Now the feedings aren’t every 2 hours and my body produces milk when Baby wants it, not when my body thinks it should be made. It can be frustrating. 😫 Stay positive, be diligent, and remember to celebrate EVERY SINGLE DROP!