Coming Into Motherhood - Support Group

Coming Into Motherhood - Support Group


Coming Into Motherhood is a support group designed to help you navigate and celebrate the shift from maiden to mother. Each Saturday, we meet in a private residence to enjoy healing foods, to learn, and to build a community of mothers.

The Specifics:

  • Designed for mothers-to-be and mothers 0-12 weeks postpartum (we’ve had babes as young as 5 days join us!)

  • Education and discussion about everything from newborn care basics to breastfeeding support to babywearing

  • Additional focus on the mental, emotional, and physical recovery of mom after childbirth

  • Included in the support group is 4 weeks of phone support, access to additional resources such as an IBCLC, pelvic floor specialist, and chiropractor, and a home cooked meal of nourishing foods ideal for postpartum recovery shared during each session

  • We meet every Saturday 10am - 12pm. The location is in a private residence in Larchmont Village with free and convenient parking.

  • This is 4 consecutive weeks of support and education. Our next series runs March 30 - April 20

    *One make up is allowed

Every mother needs a village. Let this support group be a part of yours.

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“I was so fresh postpartum, barely sleeping, learning how to feed my child and the group became the one thing each week that I really looked forward too.”

“This group is for everyone and I hope lots of mamas can benefit how I did.”

“What I found most helpful was the connection and community during that very rocky transition. It was so good for me to get out of the house and have somewhere to go. Being able to vent and listen to the other moms made me realize I was not alone.”

“Lauren not only provided a safe space to connect with other new mamas, but also a boat load of unbiased knowledge and information to help you make the best decisions you can for your baby and get through those first few weeks feeling a bit more confident.”

“This group provided me with so much during those first weeks of survival mode. It allowed me to connect with other mamas, get through my birth trauma, ask any questions I had, validate any concerns or feelings I had at the time, and much more. Forever grateful”