Postpartum Care Mama Group

This Mama Group is specially curated for mothers 0-6 weeks postpartum. We focus on everything from newborn care basics to the mental and emotional recovery of the mother after birth. 

Each group runs for a total of 6 weeks and costs only $50 total. You'll have access to resources, handouts, text and email support, and be able to meet other mamas who can become part of your village.

This group is special in that I bring the resources to you. Resources such as a Lactation Consultant, a Chiropractor and Pelvic Floor Specialist, and a Photographer. These amazing resources come to dedicated sessions so you don't have to make extra trips going to them and they provide heavily reduced prices (more than half off!!) so that you can save your money for other areas of self care and recovery.

 I believe every woman should have postpartum care. This group is my way of providing care and offering services I truly believe every mother needs.

Sign up below to get info on how to reserve your spot! I can't wait to see you there!

Next session begins on September 15 - October 20 and is every Saturday 10am - 12pm in Larchmont Village

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