Speed 3: Driving with Baby

Don't hit any red lights. Don't get below 35 miles per hour. Don't take any scenic routes. Is this the plot for a poorly executed sequel to Speed 1 and 2? Nope, it's just every single car ride with the Fox Cub. 

I hate that Silas hates the car. We go A LOT of places. Yet, with all that exposure to something that you think a baby would like - comfy cozy seat, lots of vibrations - Silas has decided to go against the grain and scream like his head is being ripped off the entire ride. The other day he got so upset he FORGOT TO SWALLOW. Spit bubbles were cascading out his mouth and down his chin like the saddest waterfall. Naturally, I assumed he was having a seizure and immediately pulled over. There I was, sitting in the backseat of my running car on a side street feeding my baby for twenty minutes. And when he finally calmed and fell asleep and I thought it was safe to put him back in the carseat so we could get to our destination? His eyes popped open with the awareness of a hunting dog and he proceeded to scream bloody murder until we got home. I was practically in tears.

The only time he's not screaming is when he manages to scream himself to sleep. Or when he's wearing a funny hat. 

Every car ride has now become another installment of Speed 3: Driving with Baby. I'm cursing every red light. I'm attempting to drive over every bumpy spot in the road. I'm promising the other drivers that they'll rue the day they decided to go 34mph in a 35mph zone. Every time I focus on the crying my heart breaks. Looking back at my son and seeing how upset he is makes me want to stop the car in traffic and get out and hold him. Trying to ignore the cries makes me feel like a bad mom but with every cry louder than the last I feel like I've entered the next level of Hell. Enya - yes, Enya - seems to be the only thing that will distract him for a couple minutes but even that angel songstress can't tame the beast for that long. 

It could be that Silas is upset because he doesn't like that he's back there alone. He could be mad that the carseat prevents him from adequately reaching his hands to his mouth to self soothe. Or maybe he just really doesn't like car rides. I have no idea. It's one of the only times where he's been upset and I cannot, no matter how many adjustments I make, remedy the situation. I'm hoping it's a phase. My gawd, it better be a phase, preferably a short one because right now it's torture. I'm trapped in a tiny box of Silas's emotions and there is no escape. For now, I guess I'll just put on some Enya and endure. Who can say when he'll get over it? Only Time.

Does anyone else have a cranky car rider? Any tricks that have helped soothe them?