Birth Series - Because Knowledge is Power

We don't talk enough about birth. Most women don't realize they have choices in regards to where they birth, how they birth, and with whom they birth. Recently I've found myself in a lot of conversations with mamas about their birth experiences, both home birth and hospital birth. I've found some stories so bothersome that I felt compelled to write about it.

Over the next couple posts, I'm going to present opinion, yes, but I'm also going to present facts and I promise that there's no invisible ellipsis, weighted heavy with judgement, that follows those facts. The facts are there to give you knowledge (which we all know is power!) and to provide you with information that you can use to empower yourself to make those important choices in regards to your baby and your body. I did a ton of research for these posts and let me tell you, it is REALLY hard to find good, unbiased information about birth. It took hours worth of scouring in order to put all these scattered facts in one place for you so that you can feel that empowerment the next time you are faced with a choice or if you just want to have a conversation about the amazing thing called birth.

When it comes to birth there are a lot of grey areas. You can have a home birth with a midwife while continuing care with an OB or you can give birth in a hospital with a midwife. There's much more to home birth than just unmedicated "brave" births (EVERY woman is brave for giving birth, medicated or not!) and there's much more to hospital births than unnecessary procedures (some births should ABSOLUTELY happen in a hospital). Both need to be talked about and explored and both should be considered an option. Stigmas and lack of education surround both and I wanted to do an in depth look and provide education and food for thought.

Over the next several days, we'll explore births and birth options. My goal is not to convince you of one or the other but to start a conversation, to give information, and to let you know about the choices you have when it comes to birth. If there's anything specific you want to talk about or get some more information about, please leave it in the comments section! I have spoken with so many families that regretted not asking questions or getting more information. It's never to late to get info so...ask away!