Maybe I Should Slow Down - I Am Growing a Human After All

I am usually a pretty busy person. I've absolutely had those days off where I've done nothing but watch a whole season of a long forgotten 90's show on Netflix but those are few and far between. My husband can attest that I'm not the best nap taker and that "resting" is not my forte. However, in the last week or so, I've really had to remind myself that I NEED to relax. 

Usually when I have a day off, it's spent running errands or doing weekly chores. I tend to have a queue of DIY crafts that always need attention or some obscure job around the house that could use tending to. I won't even be going on maternity leave until I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant because I was afraid I'd get bored waiting for Baby.  It's not that I don't want to relax. I do. Just not at home on the couch. I tend to get bored or just eat my way through the afternoon. Lately though, I've been forced to slow it down. I'm still working at my nanny job which means a lot of playing and running around and my commute is at least an hour each way. By the time I've completed running a household both at work and at home, I'm completely exhausted. My body is not only putting the finishing touches on the human growing inside me but it's also gearing up for a physical feat equivalent to running a marathon. I have to remind myself that no one is going to think I'm lazy if I take a day off. Bills will still get paid if I don't pick up extra hours at work. That even though I'm incredibly bored laying on the couch for 5 hours, my body is working nonetheless. 

Giving myself permission to rest at work with one of my favorite snuggle buddies. He never minds when LoLo needs to lay down!

Yesterday was my first day of allowing myself to rest and reminding myself it's ok. I ran one errand, sans makeup or a put together outfit and came home to the couch where I barely moved. I Netflix'd, I read a magazine, I relaxed with the Hubs. Yes, I was bored. Yes, I ate more than my fair share of snacks. But it also felt really good to focus on myself. To lay there and give myself permission to focus on myself because in just a couple weeks, there will be a tiny little person who needs my constant attention and I'm sure I'll be looking longingly back on my lazy days.

Were you able to relax before Baby came? Did you find it difficult?