A Relaxing Celebration in the Park - Because Who Doesn't Like A Party?

When the Hubs and I eloped, we knew that we probably wouldn't have a reception. When we got pregnant though and we announced both our secret wedding AND a baby, people started asking if we were planning to have a reception to celebrate both major life events. We hadn't originally planned on it, however, the more we thought about it, the more we realized that everyone loves a good party and if we could have something casual, that fit our style, we should. 

Jessica made these gorgeous centerpieces with blue and pink pinwheels. Cornelius was happy to lounge with friends and take in the sunshine!

My friend Jessica, who should honestly be a party planner because she's amazing at it, helped me put together our Park Picnic Celebration. She helped shop and put together the whole thing, complete with her own infused gin, which was quite the hit! She even came with me to the park 3 hours early so we could snag the tables we wanted. Food, games, and so many good people - we had them all! When I throw a party, I'm always so fearful that either no one will show up or if they do, they'll all segregate into tiny circles of people they already know. Not our friends though! We had such a mix of my friends, the Hubs friends, and mutual friends and they all mingled and chatted effortlessly.

My shirt was a big hit amongst our guests!! #myvaginaismagical

It ended up being a beautiful day with perfect weather. We stayed an hour and a half longer than we expected because everyone was having such a great time! It was a simple celebration but it honestly showed that people make the party and we had so many good people come and celebrate with us. We had a couple people bring guitars and it was so amazing to see talented friends sitting around, playing music, and singing together. I couldn't help but imagine to a year from now when we're throwing a party for Baby's first birthday and these are the amazing people that are surrounding him, creating such a beautiful atmosphere. 

Our pup, Cornelius, wasn't the only one exhausted at the end of the day but he was the only Lucky Ducky that got to sleep on the way home!