You Can Spit Your Negative Opinions Right Into My Blue Velvet Burp Cloth

Husband has had enough. He's had enough with people telling him how once Baby comes his life is going to change, how little sleep he'll be getting, how hard it's going to be. My Hubs works in a  bar so he constantly chatting with strangers but lately, he's decided to stop bringing up the fact that we're about to have a baby. He just can't handle the negativity anymore.

I feel him. I totally get what he's going through because as soon as you say you're having a Baby, someone has an opinion. My problem is not with opinions though - I'd love to hear your birth story or how adorable your kids are or how fascinating the whole birthing experience is. Sadly though, that's not close to anything anyone brings up. Instead I hear how I absolutely *have* to have an epidural, how I should totally ask for just a pinch of pitocin, or how hard it's going to be to raise a child. No shit - kids are hard. People are hard. LIFE IS HARD! However, just because something's hard doesn't mean I should check myself into a hospital to do something that's totally natural or medicate myself to dull the pain. There are lots of hard things that people go through but you don't see 'em hooked up to a morphine drip just because they decided to buy a house or go to college or fall in love. Same should go for children and giving birth. Am I scared to push out another human being from my vagina? Do I even need to answer that?! I'd be worried if I wasn't scared but I'm also excited! Are babies demanding and difficult? Sure, but what adorable and cute thing isn't? Ever raise a puppy? I'd much rather change dirty diapers.

Since I am a crazy crafter, I decided to make my own burp clothes. Since I'm someone who thinks they're hilarious, I decided to make one with a blue velvet backing. I love it and it's where all negative comments can be directed. 

I'm sorry if you find your children difficult. I'm sorry if you've forgotten what it was like to experience the miracle of birth. I'm sorry if you went into parenthood undereducated about what it was really going to be like. But don't pull me down with you. Maybe next time, I can even help pull you up a bit. Maybe next time you can ask me about what I'm most excited for or tell me about the latest silly thing your kid did that amazed you, something they accomplished that help you remember why you chose to have them in the first place. Hubs recently responded to a cynical parent complaining about how Hubs was never ever going to get sleep again by telling that parent "If I have to wake up every two hours to make sure my kid is happy and healthy, well that's something worth waking up for."

Did you deal with a lot of negative comments during your pregnancy? Did it influence your decisions?