Friday Update and Tooting My Own Horn - TOOT TOOT!

Happy Friday!!! For some it couldn't have come soon enough and for others, it's just another day. Either way, I hope it's a happy one for you.

I recently learned some CRUCIAL info about my Gestational Diabetes (which I've talked a little bit about before here and here). I was really struggling with my morning fasting numbers and there were absolutely some mornings where I broke down and cried. For some clarification, every morning I have to take my sugar level right when I wake up, before I eat anything. The worst part about having high levels is that you've basically been sleeping for 8-12 hours so HOW CAN YOU DO ANYTHING TO LOWER THE LEVEL?!?! It's terrifying, especially when you hear a doctor say that medicine is the next step. I got better levels when I would wake up around 3am and eat something. Technically it's not fasting but it keeps my levels down so that's what counts. Here's the kicker though - I was browsing through instagram and saw a post where another GD mom had shown that her numbers were drastically different depending on whether or not she had washed her hands before she tested and it got me thinking. I usually rush in the morning to get my levels so I can eat or literally just do anything else and I rarely wash my hands before. So I put it to the test and HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS - it's true. My levels were 10 points LOWER after I had washed my hands and then tested. That's huge!!!

I shared the news with my midwife and she was floored because she'd never heard of that before. She googled it and found an article about a study that proves it makes a difference. I even rocked the worlds of both my ultrasound doctor and her tech with this information. So GD mamas ---WASH YOUR HANDS before you take your levels! Ever since I found this out, my fasting levels have been where they need to be. It has totally lifted my spirits because I don't feel so hopeless anymore.

Extra snuggle/rest time and a special treat is ALWAYS part of any good overnight. 

Here's the part where I toot my own horn and want to reach out and toot the horn for other nannies who know where I'm coming from. Since Monday night, I have been doing an overnight for my nanny family. The parents are out of town celebrating their anniversary and I have been with the kids at their house. In some ways, it's harder and in other ways it's easier. Either way though, I've basically been a 7 months pregnant single parent to a 3 and 5 year old for almost a week and I'm so proud of myself. I usually love overnights and I'm so ingrained in this family to begin with that nothing really changes with my workday except for the fact that I don't go home. However, being pregnant and doing this, there are absolutely some challenges. Plus, it's just tough to be away from the Hubs and the Pup for almost a week. I love the work I do and it's in these moments where I wanna flip the bird to the people who say being a nanny is basically being a glorified babysitter or worse, they simply just say I'm a babysitter. These are the moments where a nanny becomes that much more of a co-parent. Everything runs smoothly and everyone stays on schedule. The house is clean, the kids are content, the dog is walked, and yes, I feel like I could sleep for a week straight but I wouldn't give it up for the world. And knowing that you have the trust of a parent to watch their kids for an extended period of time is a validation I never received doing any other job. 

TGIF and hopefully your weekend is filled with love and laughter!