Dramatic Poses and a Very Eventful Weekend

My loves! I missed you. Honestly, I did but I just didn't have the strength to write. Instead, I spent the whole weekend enjoying my mom and sister and celebrating my baby! So I feel like, maybe, hopefully, you can forgive me. Now the deets.....

A day after I told my Nanny Mom that I was pregnant, she informed me that she was going to throw me a baby shower. I mean, did I luck out or what?! Finally, the day came and I was so excited that my mom and sister could fly into town to come and join me. We had the best day celebrating my Little One but of course, I'm a doofus and took NO PICTURES! I was too excited!!! I did snag a couple pics from Yelp (below) so you can get a sense of how amazing it was. It was held in West Hollywood at this amazing vegan restaurant called Gracias Madre.  We sat on the patio outside and ate some delicious food - chips and guac, potato tacos with mole, butternut squash quesadilla with cashew cheese drizzle, fresh salad with avocado, and of course, chocolate mocha cheesecake. I'll be honest - I cheated a little and tried some of everything. I also celebrated with a glass of champagne which just gave me a headache. Can't win 'em all! Everyone had fun playing games and they were also so incredibly gracious in gifting Baby some much needed items. It turned out to be a wonderful day with wonderful people and I couldn't have been more appreciative. 

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to spending time with my mom and Sissy. We had what felt like an hour long photo shoot in my shower outfit and half the pictures are just me laughing at her directions. We also did the classic face masks, shopping, and SO MUCH EATING. I honestly feel like I ate more this weekend than I have the previous 5 weeks combined. It didn't help that we attended a vegan Street Fair. There was so much yummy food! I tried to stick to foods I knew wouldn't spike my sugar but I did have a little taste of everything. We ended up walking around 2 miles so I'm happy to say that my sugar levels ended up really low! Exercise is absolutely key to keeping that down. 

There was also lots of cooing over the Bump - both my mom and sister could not keep there hands off! They were tickled pink every time they felt Baby move and my mom couldn't stop giggling when she felt the Baby jumping with hiccups. I am so excited for Baby to come out and meet them in person!

Most pics involve me laughing at my sister. Sissy and Baby listening to Harry Potter together. Face masks are a must, right?! Out on the town for their last night. 

Being away from family is hard and even though I have the most amazing circle of friends here in LA, it was great to see some family that I don't normally get to see. My mom will actually be back in town in a month to (hopefully) see the birth of Baby and help out the first couple of weeks! Her quick weekend trip got me really excited for the next month to fly by so I can see her again. Baby has brought us closer than we ever have before in the past and I'm looking forward to seeing her interact with Baby. In fact, I'm getting excited to see EVERYONE interact with Baby now that crunch time is officially here! 

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend filled with just as much love and food!