Braxton Hicks and Vicious Baby Kicks

So that picture above is me, last night, after about an hour and a half of the most intense pressure in my belly. I'm not a pretty picture and all I want to do is live in that outfit. The pressure was so intense and it left me in a squatting position on our kitchen floor. Mamas - anyone else experience pressure like that?! I don't think it's Braxton Hicks because I'm not cramping up. It just feels like my belly weighs a thousand pounds. Baby has also been doing this really fun thing where they stretch against my stomach, making the front of it incredibly tight and leaving it lopsided. It hurts, hurts like when you've accidentally eaten a while large pizza by yourself and now you're left to suffer the consequences. 

Baby has also been kicking like a mad man. Jumps, pops - this baby is a wild one. I have a video on my Instagram - @loveofalittleone - if you want to check out Baby in action! Most of the time the kicks make me laugh but sometimes, they become vicious and a foot hits my ribcage or worse, the Baby really starts going when I'm eating. That just makes me nauseous!