Lose Your License, Gain a Friend - The Perks of Instant Karma

So here's the thing....I "know" a lot of moms. I've known several of them for years in fact. However, I know them as one of their friends' nanny, not as a mother myself and now that I'm having my own baby, I've been wondering how I'm ever going to find other moms to connect with who don't know me as a nanny first.

Last night however, while I was getting ready to go walk laps in the YMCA pool, I found a license in one of the changing stalls. Like any human should, I turned it into the front desk and made my merry way for the pool. While I was walking around in circles and bobbing haphazardly in the water, I noticed a mom and her baby. It was the woman from the license! I went up to her, told her I found her license, and we got to chatting. It was so refreshing to talk to another mom as a mom, not as someone who might potentially be taking care of their children. She was so kind, telling me about playgroups, recreation centers I needed to check out, and even promised to send me a date cookie recipe that promised to soften your cervix. Could this be love?! 

She suggested we exchange info and mentioned her husband stayed at home during the day too and he could totally use a rad dad friend, so perhaps the Hubs will have a new friend as well! Babies and children are such a mutual and easy topic to chat about and I'm so grateful that this mom was willing to chat. Hopefully this can be a foray into meeting other parents that I'll be able to connect with on a mom level rather than a nanny level. Maybe it was karma for turning in the license instead of stealing her identity. Maybe we're both just friendly people who felt like chatting. Either way, I hope we can start texting, get together, get to know each other, and become mom friends. I also hope she texts because those date cookies sounded hella good. 

How did you find your parent friends? Was it through playgroups or did you strike up a convo in a coffee shop?