Taking the Good with the Bad - Results of the Second Ultrasound

Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions for me. We had some good news and we had some bad news and as is life, we had to take them all. 

First, the good news! We had some worries over some cysts in Baby's brain as well as my placenta inconveniently touching my cervix. Happily, both issues have solved themselves! The cysts are no longer present in the brain and my placenta has uprooted and left for higher ground. YAY! 

Now, the bad news. The Baby is weighing a whole pound heavier than he/she should be. I also have a large amount of amniotic fluid which while it most likely won't be an issue, can cause some problems during the birth. On top of that news at the ultrasound, I also learned that I failed my diagnostic Gestational Diabetes test....BARELY. Gestational Diabetes is basically like having diabetes but just for the duration of your pregnancy and it can cause harm to your baby so you really want to take care of it. And it CAN be managed so that's a very good thing! While I failed the diagnostics, it doesn't yet mean that I for sure have GD. I now have to take a screening test which requires 8 - 12 hours of fasting, 3 blood draws, and drinking 2 glucose drinks which is basically sugar water. YUCK! 

Trying to put on a happy face....I don't think I'm doing a good job of selling it.

It just seemed like a bad day. Plus, the Dr. wants me back for ANOTHER ultrasound. The Hubs and I decided in the beginning of our pregnancy that we were only going to opt for one ultrasound, at 20 weeks, to make sure that the Baby was growing properly and that the due date was on par with what we had estimated. There were a couple factors that played into this but the main thing was I just don't jive with doctors. I feel like every time you go, you're given another reason to come back and when there's a baby in the mix, plus my worrisome nature, I just didn't want to deal. And now, we're in that exact situation. The Dr. wants me to come back for another ultrasound to make sure weight isn't skyrocketing - mine included. Yup, she kinda alluded to the fact that I've gained *too* much weight which completely stresses me out and also makes me feel like shit. I'm 28 weeks and have only gained 20-25 pounds! That's normal and absolutely not overweight by any means. She also hooked me up to a heart monitor for the Baby to see if I was having contractions. Hmmm.......

I talked to my midwife and thank my stars for her. She told me that the weight of the Baby doesn't concern her - sure it could be a result of me *maybe* having GD or it could just be the way I grow a baby. She also suggested that a 3rd ultrasound wasn't necessary unless I for sure had GD, in which case, she would recommend going so that the Baby can be monitored. We'll talk about midwives in a different post but I do want to say that I'm so thankful that I have one that I can talk to and doesn't immediately think of everything in a medical situation. I'm not saying the Dr. is bad, just to be clear! I do believe that there is a certain culture that surrounds doctors and when it comes to the business of birth. 

Right now, I'm just going to try and focus on not throwing up on Saturday when I have to fast and then drink sugar water! Any other mamas who failed their GD tests? What were your thoughts and feelings?