The Y, Dirty Dancing, and Shirts with Boob Slits

Lovers! After a VERY exhausting week - imagine me crying on Friday night out of pure exhaustion and guilt that I ate In-N-Out - I had a pretty full but great weekend!

First, I've been OBSESSED with these knee high boots from Target. If you know me, you know how cheap I am and I've already talked about my love for buying used or on sale and MAN, were these boots on sale. At an original coast of 45$, I snagged these bad boys on super clearance for only 15$!!! I highly recommend that you go out searching for super sales since now is about the time when stores start to change their stock for the new season. It's a great way to buy a splurge item for a non-splurge price.

It's unfortunate timing for me finding shoes that require socks because I've hit that point where reaching my feet to put them on is nearly impossible. Luckily, the house boy...I mean, The kind enough to assist. 

I've been pretty lax about my exercise during my pregnancy. I do a lot of physical movement at work since my primary kids are a 3 year old and a 5 year old, both of whom are obsessed with sports. It's still a pretty physically demanding game of one on one of any sport even when your opponent is only 3 years old. However, my midwife really wanted me to find something I could do that was not only good for my body but was something for ME. Luckily, my husband LOVES to workout and recently joined the local YMCA. He encouraged me to come and check out the facilities and go for a swim. Let me tell you...I LOVED IT! First success was that I had a suit that fit, second was that the local YMCA was not only 5 minutes away but was also super clean and welcoming. The final success was that the water was warm! It felt amazing. Since I can't go in a hot tub, this was the perfect middle ground. I felt great being in the water and even swam a few laps. I highly recommend getting into a large body of water if you're pregnant. It was the first time that I didn't feel *overly* pregnant. I felt like I could move and stretch without losing my balance and it was nice to be so active without the fear of something happening that could harm the baby. Bonus was when I forced the Hubs to carry me around in the water while I laid there and relaxed.

I feel like these pictures say it all. 

I'm so fortunate to have such talented friends and this weekend, one of them just happened to be passing through on the national tour of Dirty Dancing. The Hubs and I scored amazing tickets and the show was an absolute blast! My friend, Bronwyn was playing the lead role of Baby and she did an amazing job! She recently sprained her ankle and you would never have been able to tell - she danced her heart out! Not only was the show great but I think I'm growing a musical theater fan inside me because the Baby could not get enough and was kicking and popping and dancing throughout the entire show! 

Our seats could not have been better and doesn't Bronwyn make an amazing Baby!?!

Rounding out the weekend, was my first ever nursing shirt! My mother bought this for me for the holidays and it's so insanely soft and cozy, I had to wear it. I wanted to see if other mommys recommend tops specifically for nursing as opposed to regular tops that you can still nurse in? I've really been fortunate to only have had to purchase 2 pairs of jeans throughout my pregnancy so I feel iffy about purchasing a bunch of tops for after the baby is born just because they're specifically for nursing. I totally know that you can nurse in ANYTHING that you feel comfortable in but I don't plan to use a cover so I wasn't sure if there's any benefit other than a handy boob slit. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions and advice!! 

Hopefully your weekend was as fun and relaxing as mine! Here's to an awesome week!!