With Friends Like These, Family is Always Close

Yesterday I got to see a friend who was visiting from out of town who hasn't seen me since I found out I was pregnant. She's been ecstatic about the baby since we told everyone and to say that she was very fond of the baby bump would be an understatement! It got me thinking about how all my friends have reacted since the big baby news.

My friend could not get over how weird it was to feel Baby squirm, which I totally get because it even weirds me out sometimes too!

I've lived in California for about a decade now and during the last couple years, I've worked really hard to build up a friend base of people that I love, that I trust, and that I can be myself with. I can honestly say that I've done it. I don't have much family out here - one sister that lives about an hour away with most of the rest of my family residing on the East Coast. The Hubs' family also lives in different states so I've thought a lot about family since getting pregnant and how not having much of it around will effect the baby. Growing up, my maternal grandmother lived with my family and my paternal grandmother lived about 15 minutes away. What will it be like for Baby not having family so close by? My family does all the major holidays with my aunts and uncles and cousins. What will it be like for Baby not having those family get togethers? These have been some of the questions on my mind since getting pregnant but last night when my friend told me she'd be flying in to visit us specifically to see Baby, I realized I had the answers.

From Joshua Tree to Portland to all around LA, good times are had no matter where we are!

I realized that I haven't just created a friend base, I'd created a family. My one friend has offered to be the first person to watch Baby when the Hubs and I are ready to have a date night. Another friend refuses to allow me to walk home from his house in the dark even though it's only 4 blocks away. Another hopes to attend the birth! All of my friends have offered babysitting services and baby gifts and most importantly, the mental and emotional support I've needed during rough times. They inquire about my sugar levels and consider what I can and can't eat when we go out to dinner. Plus, they always tell me how good I look and when you're sporting 20 pounds of extra belly, that's priceless! 

There is no shortage of good food, good drinks, and plenty of laughs!

Baby won't miss out on anything "family" centric. There will still be family dinners and family holidays because my friends love to eat and come together to celebrate! There will be game nights and coffee dates. Baby will be surrounded by people who love them and most of all, Baby will be exposed to what real friendship means. The amount of love my friends already have for my baby is astounding and I couldn't be more grateful. Yes, I'm excited for Baby to bond with their biological family and I hope we have plenty of opportunities to travel to visit them or to host them in our home. However, as a mother, it makes me feel good to know that Baby will have family close by - Aunts and Uncles that might not be blood related but who will love and spoil Baby nonetheless. 

Do you have a friend base that you'd consider family for your Little One?