Bump in a Basket aka Overalls aka My Latest Obsession

I tend to really love to dress to theme. Not in a costume-y sort of way but I do like to think of certain moments and places as pictures and when I look at that picture, I ask myself "Do I fit into this picture or am I a van Gogh hanging out in a Picasso?"

Clearly shocked by how good these look front....to back! Even though I had to undo one of the buttons at the waist, I think I fit into the Farmer's Market motif pretty well!

When it comes to Farmer's Markets, wide brimmed hats, reusable bags, and anything worn on the farm seem like the perfect fit. So it wasn't surprising to me that I wanted to wear overalls this Sunday when heading to the local Farmer's Market. What DID surprise me was how awesome the belly felt in them! Baby was like a giant piece of fruit and the front of my overalls acted like a basket - perfect fit (and to theme to boot!) I could not have been more comfy and in celebration of that, I've rounded up some really cute pairs of overalls that YOU can purchase - whether you want to give your Bump a basket, dress to theme on your next apple picking outing, or you just wanna be comfy as hell. Win Win either way!

Click on the images to link directly to the website you can purchase them. I wasn't paid to endorse any of these items and am receiving nothing in return for having them on my site - I just really like them and hope you do too!

Go full 70's farm gal with super cute Palazzo Overalls 

The distressed rips at the knee give a grunge look that suits even the most badass farmhand. 

This mustard colored overalls makes me want to eat a sandwich....in these overalls.

The buttons up the front are a great deal on these 15$ (!!!!) overalls. 

These overalls come in pink, black, and olive!

Hopefully these looks inspire you to get some overalls yourself and go explore the local Farmer's Markets - or at least to be super comfy on a Sunday.