My Bones are Shifting and I Want to Die

Ok, ok, I'm being dramatic but I'm in PAIN! I need your help in brainstorming ideas to make it not feel like my whole lower half is against me. SOS!!!!

I know that about this time in pregnancy, the aches and pains really bring it on. There's the lower back and hip pain that occurs because tissues are stretching and loosening. There's the sciatica because my enlarged uterus is pressing down on my sciatic nerve. There's also the insomnia and restless leg because of...well...see all of the above. It's hard enough to be awake when my whole left leg feels like it's about to fall off but try to relax and sleep while that's happening?! HA!

I've tried warm baths. I've tried stretching and using a yoga roller (as seen in the picture above!) to relieve pressure. I've even tried walking it off. But I am at a loss. I have no idea how I'm supposed to deal with this for another TWO MONTHS! Simply moving or shifting my body weight feels like a personal assault. Mamas - is there anything that you did that helped alleviate this pain for you? Any and all suggestions will be taken seriously, immediately tried, and forever appreciated.