BIG Adjustments and Tiny Hiccups

Happy Tuesday! I first want to thank all the people who reached out to me via my post on gestational diabetes, instagram, and the Love of a Little One Facebook page and messenger. It is such an incredible help to know that I am not alone in this journey and that other mamas have gone through this, had healthy babies, and went on to eat donuts and carbs. I think of you all in moments when the guilt starts rushing in. 

It's been five days since I began tracking my sugar levels and let me tell you, it's been a rough five days. My finger tips are sore from being pricked, I've already had to order more needles and test strips, and my mood swings are out of control. I've never felt so exhausted or irritable and if that wasn't enough, I've started getting headaches that I can't do anything about. I know it's my body going through withdrawals and figuring out how to regulate things but MY GAWD HURRY IT UP! I had an incredibly rare 3 day weekend but most of it was spent either being irritated or sleeping and then feeling depressed that I did nothing. I know sleeping IS doing something and is actually helping my body but when there's a house to clean and a baby's room to get together, it feels like a big waste of time. Plus, I miss carbs and I never realized how big a part of my diet they were until I had to cut them out completely.

There is a light though and that's my midwife, Jocelyn. We went to see her on Monday and after feeling discouraged about my sugar levels all weekend, she told me I was doing great! She was impressed with how far they'd come done and how I'd been able to keep them in a safe range. It felt good to hear that and I'm going to try to remember what she said and be optimistic. I'm already making changes and THAT'S what counts. Not being perfect. Not hitting the EXACT number I should be each and every time. Just doing my best.

Most importantly this weekend - I felt Baby hiccup! At first, I was super concerned something was wrong. It feels like you're feeling a heartbeat, the hiccups are so quick and rhythmic. Then I confirmed it was indeed hiccups and I was so excited and I honestly felt so proud! Baby is growing and starting to practice breathing! Pretty dope, y'all. 

I hope your 3 day weekend was as restful, not as irritating, and if you were lucky, filled with as many baby hiccups as mine was! 

Mamas - did you know that it was hiccups the first time you felt Baby do them?