Getting Back to My (Purple) Roots - Attempts at Feeling Like Myself Again

The minute I found out I was pregnant, I wasn't 'me' anymore. 'I' was an 'us'. Suddenly, everything I did, I looked at under a microscope; eating habits, water intake, sleeping, OMG DOES THAT TOOTHPASTE HAVE CHEMICALS IN IT?!?!?! You know, things like that. It didn't help that I had the worst first trimester blues (more on that later) and that all of a sudden, things like moving and buying a family friendly car HAD to get done. I was pregnant, I was a maniac, I was my Type A self on Hulked up hormones. 

One of the most prominent of my physical changes that occurred right away was that I stopped dying my hair. I've been almost every color of the rainbow since I was 14 but a couple years ago, I went lavender and felt so much like myself, I've kept it ever since! Since I wasn't blessed with the blonde hair necessary for creating bright colors, I was also a double process bottle blonde. Or in other words, I have to bleach the shit out of my poo colored roots every couple months. While there is literally ZERO evidence that dying your hair at any point in your pregnancy is harmful for the baby, I chose to stop until the third trimester. Part of me stopped because I was paranoid but another part of me stopped because I simply didn't have time. Between the 15 hours of sleep each night and working the rest of the day, I couldn't muster up the strength to make a sandwich let alone spend 2 hours dying my hair. 

Even with some pink, blue, and teal thrown in the mix, I always come back to my lavender love.

Now that I'm officially in the third trimester, and since I physically am becoming more alien with this body I call mine, I decided to get back to my purple roots! While I've been lots of different hair colors, lavender just suits me. I feel more like myself. I can catch a glimpse of that purple sheen in the sun and it makes me happy. Simple as that. Hair color is one of those things that is easy to change, easy to play with, easy to become someone else, or in my case, become myself again!

Mamas - was there something you did during your pregnancy to feel more like yourself?