Baby's Book - Something for Baby From Now Until Forever

It's a pretty well known fact that the Hubs and I are creative people. With that in mind, I wanted to find a special way to create something for Baby. I thought about how I wished I could talk to Baby because I had so much to say. I also thought about how there were times that I wish I could keep forever, like when I first felt Baby move. Thus, came the idea for Baby's Book. 

Hubs and I went to a fancy art store in downtown LA and picked out the raddest looking journal we could find. I love how it's bright and colorful but also elegant. I imagine this book to be something Baby has all the way through when they're becoming a parent so we wanted something with good quality and that would look good 40 years from now! I have grand dreams for this book, People!

We started filling the pages with stories of how the Hubs and I met, stories I'd made up, and journal entries about how it felt to see Baby on the ultrasound for the first time or how it makes me feel when Baby squirms inside my belly. I want these entries to be something that we can read with Baby when they're a little older but also, hopefully, something that Baby will read later in their life and see what kind of people we were before we became their parents. I try to be honest in the entries even if it's something that might be "real" because my hope is that one day, Baby will use this book while preparing to become a parent themselves. When they need to have a real moment with someone that understands or when they need to have a laugh about how ridiculous their parents are. I just really want it to be something special that will connect me and Eric to the family we created. 

Did you do anything for your Little One before they were born? Is it something that you love to share with them now?