LA Baby Show Review - with Coupon Codes!

As a postpartum doula, I think it's important that I keep up on the latest and greatest in terms of baby gear so I can be a good resource for my clients. As a new mama, I just really like to check out the newest stuff on the market for my lil cub. In comes the 2nd annual LA Baby Show! It was this past weekend and I just couldn't resist dragging the Hubs and the Cub to check it out with me. Booth after booth of the newest gear the baby world had to offer and it was AWESOME. The Hubs even had fun! Below are my favs of what I saw...and I saw A LOT! I wasn't asked to review these products and anything I talk about that I brought home, I either bought or was given the same sample that everyone else was so the reviews and excitement are all my own! Now onto the goods....

RESPIRO MATTRESS - My top favorite baby item was one of the first things I saw. The Respire Mattress blew my mind. There is absolutely NO stuffing - eliminating harmful off gassing that some experts say can lead to SIDS. According to their website - "Respiro is engineered with high-tech mesh fabric stretched tightly on its frame to provide a firm surface for newborns to sleep on, and a softer side for toddlers. There is no foam or stuffing used, eliminating the need for toxic or carcinogenic flame-retardants. The mesh is easily removeable for washing and comes with a laundry bag, splash mat, and storage tote." The best part? It's only $149.00 - THAT'S IT! For a baby mattress that can be used up through the age of 3, that's barely anything. Get more info at their website HERE and make sure you go HERE to enter to win one...or don't because I entered and I really want to win. 
BEABA BABYCOOK - I'm obsessing over this all in one baby cooker.  This cooker "steam cooks and purees fun meals in 15-minutes or less" It's also dishwasher safe, can be used with one hand so you can hold baby in the other, and they have a double one if you have multiples or want to make more than one thing at a time. At $150 for a single and $200 for a double, it might seem pricey to begin with but in the long run the amount it'll save on baby food is worth it. The best part?! THE COLORS!! Besides the one in the pic which is called "Paprika" they also have a Rose Gold one. That's right - Rose freaking Gold. Heart eye emoji all the way. Head to their website HERE and enter LA20 to receive 20% off your order.
MIRACLE 360 SIPPY CUP - Munchkin is a powerhouse when it comes to baby gear but this Miracle 360 cup is pretty genius. Their website shares that the 360 is a "Revolutionary spoutless sippy and trainer cups that allow babies and toddlers to drink from anywhere around the rim, just like a regular cup, with a completely spill-proof design. The spoutless 360° rim is dentist recommended because it supports normal muscle development in a child's mouth." BPA free and dishwasher safe, the cup automatically seals to prevents spill. It comes in some pretty rad colors and they even have a smaller "trainer" cup with handles for the Little Ones that are just starting out. At $6, the price can't be beat either. Head HERE to pick one up.
EVENFLO ADVANCED SINGLE ELECTRIC PUMP - I really like that this pump was battery operated, making it a great option for mamas on the go or mamas that like to pump while their Little One nurses off the other side. It's lightweight and comes with an additional silicone flange cover that allows a smoother pumping experience. At $50, it's a bit pricier for an occasional use pump however it might be worth it if you long for a pump with no cords. Head HERE to snag one.
GERBER BABYNES MACHINE - Ever stand in front of a Nespresso machine and wish it was that easy to make your baby's bottle? Well...IT IS! The BabyNes machine is a quick, efficient, and super techy way to make a baby bottle - you can download the app and make a bottle using your smartphone. From their website - "Each single-serve, capsule has a precise quantity of milk powder and a filter that eliminates bacteria from the water. The Machine releases the exact amount of water needed, and the thermostat button lets you choose the exact temperature of the bottle." On top of that, the formula capsules specifically change according to your baby's age and their nutritional need - similar to how breastmilk changes. It runs about $200 but you can rent the machine for only $10 a month, which I think is amazing. I've personally used this machine at a client's house and it's pretty cool and easy. Check it out HERE for yourself.
INNOBABY STACKABLE CONTAINERS - These containers make my heart sing and they were one of the only things we actually bought at the show. $10 for a set of 2, the sky is the limit when you're using these container because they stack as high as you want them to go. I plan on using mine for snacks and maybe even making a quick first aid kit out of one to keep everything all together in my car. Head HERE to buy yours and use code LABABYSHOW17 to get 20% off. 
ZOLI MATTIES - I didn't snap a pic of this mat at the show but I saw these mats in passing and put them on my To Buy list. This simple silicone placemat is going to make it much more hygienic to eat out with the Cub.  Easy to clean, easy to roll up and pop back in the diaper bag, I plan to use this mat when we're out and about. Head HERE to pick it up for $15 and enter code LABABY1720 to get 20% off!
ONCE UPON A FARM BABY FOOD -  Both the Cub AND the Hubs liked this brand of pouched baby food. This company uses "HPP (Cold Pressure) instead of heat to ensure food safety and to preserve nutrients, flavors, textures, and aromas". We tried Fairest of the Pears and it was tasty, cold, and fresh. You can look for them at your local grocery store or head HERE to their website to purchase them. Pouches start at $3 but you can subscribe and save 17% or try their trial pack for additional savings. 
KEEKAROO PEANUT DIAPER PAD - "Peanut" is a fun word to say so talking about taking your baby to the Peanut to change them is going to make dirty diapers not so bad. The Peanut is "not only durable to stand up to everyday demands and comfortable for easy clean up, but the Keekaroo Peanut Changer is safe! Resistant to tears and peels, the strong outer skin helps the changer limit bacteria growth and limits mold from everyday use. The Peanut Changer is also slip resistant, staying put on the table and keeping your little one in place during changing." This is another product I've had the pleasure of using with a client and it's pretty neat - very soft and a lot less slipping and sliding than the standard changing pad. I love the attitude of the company which is low key on *flash* but big on getting the consumer what they want plus the colors available are fun and vibrant. The Peanut retails for $130 which is up there for a diaper pad but you're saving on not needing covers or having to wash those covers. Check out the company HERE
THULE YEPP NEXXT MAXI - This product had The Hubs going gaga. He's an avid bike rider and to say that he's been itching for the day when the Cub can join him is an understatement. This bike seat is super lightweight and it's made out of the same material as bike helmets so it's also super safe. It has adjustable foot rests and a shock absorbing seat and a "very quick, easy, and convenient securing of your child with the magnetic childproof safety buckle" - That's right - a magnetic buckle! It literally could not get any easier. It's price tag of $220 is up there but it should last until your child is about 6 years old which means it's in it for the long haul. Heading HERE to order mine now!
BOIRON COLDCALM - I've known about the amazing Boiron Camilia teething liquid for years now so I was super excited to see that this company has now come out with a Cold Calm liquid. It has no known drug interactions, comes in pre-measured single doses, and is a more natural way to help baby fight a cold. At $15 for 30, it's a steal - you can head HERE to purchase on their website or check out your local health food store. 
BELLA B CRADLE CAP SHAMPOO - This was an easy $10 purchase for us to make since the Cub still has a little bit of cradle cap despite my desperate attempt to try everything to rid him of it. We used this as soon as we got home and not only does it smell soothing and luxurious, it actually WORKS! Not all of his cradle cap is gone yet but a significant amount came off after just one shampoo. Head HERE to get yours.
BAMBO NATURE SPLISH SPLASH OIL - We've used Bambo Nature diapers before so I was happy to see that they've come out with a bath line. We got to take a sample of this oil home and the Hubs said it was light and not too slippery during the Cub's nightly massage.  A full sized one is on sale now HERE for $8. They've also just started a Loyalty Program so every purchase helps you get free stuff in the future. Use code WELCOME to get 25% off your next purchase. 
CLEK CARSEATS - The Clek brand kinda blew me away. All this company does is make carseats and they excel at it. These car seats are sleek (think 3 across in the back seat with room to spare sleek) and they "are GREENGUARD Select Certified and provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria; and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants." They come in an array of colors (I snapped their collab design with Tokidoki) and they offer extended rear facing - up to 4 years! - as well as an easy to install method. With prices ranging in the $300s and $400s, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. Head HERE to check out their line of carseats and booster seats. 
GREENTOM STOLLER - This company claims it has "the greenest stroller on planet earth" and I believe them. They use recycled materials and their Recycled Bottle Collection blew my mind. Each piece is made from recycled drinking bottles and "is non-toxic, easy-to-clean and has a UPF rating of 50+, Sun Protection Category: Excellent" Even better, each product lists exactly how many bottles went in to making it. I personally loved how lightweight the stroller was and how the bottom "basket" is actually a removable bag making it easy to grab and go without having to unload everything first. This stroller was about $300 but their prices range depending on what you buy. For a stroller that is recycled and can BE recycled, this Dutch designed stroller can't be beat. Head HERE to learn more and get your own!
WONDER MOTHER NURSING TABLETS - Nursing mamas know that hydration and nutrition are two huge factors when it comes to breastfeeding. I haven't actually tried these tablets yet but I've heard a lot about them and I was excited to see this product at the show. These tablets "contain sodium and potassium to aid in hydration, probiotics to help with digestion, macro and trace minerals to support general health, and herbal extracts to support breast milk production." so I can't wait to try them. Head HERE to pick yours up for $12 for a pack of 10
MUNCHIE MUG - I forgot to snap a pic of this snack mug but I talked to the reps about this grandparent designed snack cup. Personally, my fav part was that the top has two layers of stretchy fabric instead of plastic. I've dipped my hand into many a snack containers and plastic can be painful for tiny paws! This one was easy in and easy out with the added bonus of no chance of accidental spills. $18 will get you this mug HERE

Last but not least - these two final products are ridiculous for all the right reasons!

BLOOM GOLD HIGH CHAIR - If your baby is a fancy baby then wow, do I have the high chair for you! Bloom is already known for making sleek and fashionable looking baby gear but this high chair might be the classiest thing yet. It's a limited edition so if you've got an extra $750 laying around, head HERE to snag one...or to just check out their more affordable but equally space aged looking highchairs. 
SUMMER INFANT MY SIZE POTTY - I'm getting this despite the eye rolls the Hubs is going to give me. This toilet is the absolute shit...pun intended. The rep said that of all the items they had out, this was the one that people loved the most. With a real handle that makes a flushing sound to a reward/toy compartment at the top, it makes going potty something your kid is sure to want to do! The only thing that could make this product more adorable would be a tiny little tush poppin' a squat on it. It's HERE for $35 but I've seen it on Target's website for around $25.

And that's my list folks. I hope you found something that is gonna make your life a little easier or a little more fun! I'm already looking forward to the Baby Show next year - I can't wait to see what this industry has yet to come up with to enhance the lives of parents and Little Ones!

What was your fav item from my list?