Bump Day - A Mini Celebration of Maternity Jeans

Ok, ok, so I know I promised you some info in regards to hiring childcare but it's Bump Day and I wanted to celebrate it right! I will be providing you with a list of questions you should be asking the person you're hiring *tomorrow*, I promise! And if you need them ASAP, just email me and I'll give you an advanced copy of the post. :)

Now on to celebrating MATERNITY JEANS! I have purchased exactly two items of maternity clothing during my pregnancy and both are maternity jeans. I happened to wear blouse-y shirts before and don't mind them being tight now so I haven't had to purchase any tops. Pants however, yikes! They were BARELY able to clasp close around my 3rd month and while the hair tie trick is neat, it isn't a permanent solution. 

I quickly found out that maternity wear is apparently not in high demand. I went to the biggest mall we have - there's both an indoor and an outdoor section - and could only find ONE store that had maternity wear and that's because it was specifically a maternity store. *SIGH* Online shopping is hard enough but the thought of doing it for a completely new and ever changing body seems impossible. Luckily, I was able to find an amazing pair of blue jeans and they were LIFE CHANGING. I have worn them almost every single day since I purchased them and have zero regrets. 

Recently, I expressed a need for at least one more pair of jeans so off to the maternity store we went! Again, I was luckily able to find a pair that fit the bill and now can interchange black jeans when need be. 

I think my love of my new jeans is palpable! The 2nd photo is what happens when my *Instahubby* gets artsy and forgets what he should be focusing on. But DANG my hair looks good so I can't blame him too much! 

I'll be honest, I might never go back. Maternity jeans are hella comfy. They don't cut into your belly, there's no zipper so your fly is never accidentally left open, and they're super stretchy so you never feel too big for them. I'll be wearing mine probably well after Baby is born....or at least for every big meal. 

When did you finally purchase maternity pants? Were they a game changer?