Thank You from the Bottom of my Belly

I want to start this week off by having a post dedicated to all the people that marched around the country in the numerous Women's Marches. This blog is not political and this post is not a political one. But this post IS dedicated to the awe inspiring message that millions of people sent on Saturday January, 21, 2017

I'll be honest - I didn't go to the march here in Los Angeles. After much debate, I made the decision to not attend because of, what else, the Bump. I'm already at a disadvantage in crowds due to my short stature but I was concerned that one shove or one elbow to the belly and I would regret going. So physical safety came before my desire to march. 

The fascinating thing is that not one injury occurred, not one arrest made. Around 750,000 people marched in Los Angeles, over 2.9 million people worldwide and nothing negative came of it. No news reports of riots or tear gas or swat teams. No news reports of human brutality or violence. Just people coming together peacefully to march for what they believe in. And pink hats - LOTS of pink hats. Man, a crystal ball would have been helpful on January 20th!

It was truly awe inspiring to see photos and watch videos of hundreds of thousands of people coming together. Even if you didn't agree with the message you think they were making, you have to agree that the moment was special. Gender equality is something that should be important to everyone because we all have a mother or a sister or a friend that makes 70 cents for every mans dollar, that has been catcalled or degraded, that has not been given a choice simply because of her gender. I've talked about this before and I'll continue talking about gender equality. As I make BIG decisions concerning my Little One, I'm even more thankful of the choices that I have. 

So thank you to the people who marched when I could not. Who stood together, peacefully to bring their message and have their voices heard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of my belly.