"I hope no one thinks I'm pooping on the sidewalk!"

I love going to Farmer's Markets. I love being outside, amongst my favorite things (FOOD!), eating fresh pastries and drinking fresh lemonade. There's something about taking a Sunday morning and roaming through aisles of fresh produce. I'm lucky enough to have some great ones here in Los Angeles and my absolute favorite - The Hollywood Farmers Market - is less than a mile away from our apartment. Since my midwife said I need to be walking more, this past Sunday the Hubs and I decided to make the .8 mile trek there. It was GREAT! I got a chocolate croissant, fresh watermelon lemonade, and it was a beautiful and sunny day. It was honestly the best way to spend a Sunday after a very hectic week.

The Hubs couldn't get over how cute and tiny my backpack was! We were a little too ambitious and had to end up carrying some stuff home. My poor husband turned into a literal pack mule! Maybe we should invest in one of those rolley carts?!

However....on the way home I started to feel INTENSE pressure in my underbelly. You know, the area of my tummy that I haven't seen in about a month because it resides at the bottom of my newly formed roundness. It was such a heavy feeling - like someone had misplaced a giant cement block right in my stomach. We stopped in the Trader Joe's to pick up some extra groceries and a woman THOUGHT I WAS IN LABOR!!!!! I set her straight by saying I still had four months to go, so no, I hope to gawd I am not in labor! My husband and I tried to find the humor in the situation and it was a VERY slow walk back home. I had to stop a couple times and squat down to relieve some of the pressure. I told my husband that I hoped no one would think I was pooping on the sidewalk! (Which believe me, in Hollywood is totally possible!) I think it was a combination of heat and movement because when I got home, cooled off, and relaxed, the pressure subsided. Whew!

Are there any other mamas who have felt this? I feel stuck because my midwife wants me to exercise more but it seems like when I do, the pressure builds up and it stops me right in my tracks!