If it's not on social media, does it really even count?

It's Friday and hopefully you're feeling benevolent because I'm about to ask you for a favor! Since we live in a digital world, and I'm trying to make it as a digital girl, would you please take a moment to like/follow Love of a Little One on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? I swear these pages have different content from the blog so by liking them, you're really getting more bang for your buck! Which is a great thing considering this blog is FREE and I want to bring you into every crevice of my life.

If you could also, subtly name drop my blog to your friends and family, I live in Los Angeles so that practically makes me famous, RIGHT?! I'm really hoping to expand my audience size and not just to live out my dreams of becoming Instafamous (JUST KIDDING!) because I really want Love of a Little One to become a community where parents, caregivers, and people who want to learn can come together and chat or complain or listen to ME complain. 

I love hearing from readers, stories about their kids or their pregnancies, their thoughts on the posts, or even just a friendly hello! Being a human can be so isolating sometimes and being a human with tiny humans to look after can ironically be even MORE isolating. I hope that Love of a Little One can become a space to turn towards when you're having those feelings. You're not alone and it's ok - we're all in this together!

What about you? Are you a Ride or Die kind of person when it comes to social media?