Seeing Baby on Bump Day

I know, I know, technically I missed Bump Day BUT I have a really good reason! Yesterday, we had our first ultrasound! 

I'm going through a birthing center to give birth (meaning I have a midwife instead of an OBGYN) and we've chosen to opt out of a lot of unnecessary procedures, one being ultrasounds. We did however want to have at least one, an Anatomy Scan, done during 18 - 22 weeks to ensure that the baby was growing the way they should be. This ultrasound looks at their organs and their spine, makes sure their brain looks good, and we were able to not only hear the heartbeat but also see it pumping! 

Baby in classic ultrasound pic and again in 4D - which kinda weird me out! 

I've seen ultrasounds before. I'm sure that we all have but WOW, what a trip, sitting there and casually talking with the doctor (in my case it was about pasta) as you're watching your baby on a screen. As you can tell, I was incredibly excited!

We were able to have the ultrasound with a doctor and not just a tech so we were able to get information on Baby right then and there instead of having to wait for results. The doctor said that our baby was gorgeous (natch!) but that there were 2 concerns. The first was a cyst in the brain. We learned that it is INCREDIBLY common and that since Baby is still developing, we have to think of it like how rivers flow; there are some areas where they naturally pool and eventually they even out. The doctor said it was so small, she wasn't concerned.

The second has me much more worried! My placenta is touching my cervix. While the doctor said that she expects my placenta to stretch and come away from the cervical opening as Baby and I continue to grow, this issue can result in something called Placenta Previa and it's incredibly dangerous to have a natural birth. This worries me because I desperately don't want to have a C-Section. I'm going to follow the doctors lead though and not stress about it!

Despite only wanting one ultrasound, due to my low lying placenta, we'll have to go back and get another one in 9 weeks to confirm the placenta has moved away from the cervical opening. I'm thinking of it like Baby is just a ham and wants to be on TV one more time! 

Baby's feet and in true cute baby form, the tush, which Baby was proud to show off!

Even though we're keeping ultrasounds to a minimum, I could see how it would be tempting to get one everyday! I could have sat there and watched Baby on that screen for hours. I've struggled a little bit with adjusting to the concept that there's more in my belly than just a giant pasta dinner so it was just awe striking to look at Baby on the screen. I absolutely feel more connected having gotten an inside view into what was happening in my body.

What were your feelings the first time you had your ultrasound? Did you have any similar news to mine?