Meeting the Hubs...a story about Death Quotes and Taking Chances

Since today marks the one year anniversary of when I officially met my husband, Eric, I figured I would take a little time to introduce him! He'll be showing up every now and again to write some posts about some issues that partners come across as they learn to navigate the waters of becoming first time parents. He's too humble to take a whole post to talk about himself but luckily for you, I'm not!

I met Eric at a very selfish time in my life. I was about to turn thirty and had begun to hear those clocks that everyone talks about. I'd been going on a lot of dates but was becoming increasingly more and more dismayed to find that the more dates I went on, the less my attention was being held - it felt like I was literally having the same date, Groundhog Day style, just with a different person. I was becoming resentful and to be honest, I wasn't a very happy person and didn't want to engage with people anymore. In fact, the day of December 5, 2015 I remember pulling into the parking lot of our duplex and seeing Eric pulling out groceries from the back of his car and thinking "Please don't talk to me." I literally had the thought that I could get past him, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, without him noticing! ...I'm a fool. As I was power walking it to the back door, I heard him say "We're having a party tonight. You should come!" to which I answered "Umm..sure, maybe" and practically threw myself into my house. I also remember thinking about how much of an asshole I had just been and immediately hating myself for it. 

LUCKILY, my roommate dragged me upstairs to the party and amidst my awkward silences and desperate, silent pleas to my roommate to leave, I wound up standing next to Eric. I'd honestly never really had a good look at him and when I finally did, I remember wondering how I had never noticed how handsome he was. {Here's where it gets good. Gentlemen, listen up! Don't try this next part unless it's on the love of your life!} Eric asks me if I want to hear a really good quote from this book he was reading. Naturally, I thought this was a ploy to get me away from the party and into his room but nope. When we got to his room, he pulls out this sheet of paper with a quote on it and the quote...IS ABOUT DEATH. I couldn't tell you the specifics of the quote, other than some very interesting thoughts ran through my head. After he finished, there was a very awkward silence that I filled with a nervous giggle and then he suggested heading back to the party, where I instead immediately went to my own apartment and thought...WTF just happened. Because here's the weird part; in that awkward silence, I wasn't thinking about how incredibly morbid the quote was. I wasn't thinking I'd maybe been right to not talk to this guy sooner. I'd been listening to how fast my heart was beating. I'd been wondering when the air had been charged with so much electricity. I'd rushed back home in order to create some distance from the incredibly strong pull of emotion that I had just felt when we'd been awkwardly looking at each other in silence. So I took a chance.

Weeks earlier, eyeglasses that I'd ordered had been stolen out of my mailbox. A thankless crime if I ever blearily saw one. I had written the neighbors (aka Eric) a letter asking if they'd received my package by mistake and in return, received a letter stating that while they had not, here was their names and numbers in case something like that ever did happen. I'd kept that letter and on the night of December 5th, 2015, after an incredibly intense moment with a boy whose room was directly over mine, I went through our junk drawer, pulled out said letter, and texted him. I ridiculously asked if he wanted to leave a party to come downstairs and hang out with me. I immediately received a text back. "YES!" Eric came down minutes later and didn't leave until the next morning where he went upstairs to change before we went and got brunch. After that, we were inseparable. Two weeks later we were exchanging I love yous, a week after that we decided to get married, and 2 weeks after that, we tied the knot in a secret elopement that wouldn't be shared with anyone until 10 months later. 

Eric isn't perfect. He steals my coffee and takes up too much room in bed. But he also open car doors for me and accepts that I will always slightly love the dog more than him. He's a foot taller than me and has come to see my point of view that a bearded face is a happy face. He's happy to be friends with my friends and works hard to understand my point of view. He thinks I'm hilarious and there hasn't been a day that gone by that he hasn't complimented me. He lets me be myself and never questions my quirks, even when I myself might be questioning it. We do argue but we laugh so much, it drowns out the raised voices. 

I'm really lucky to have met such an amazing person and now you've met him too! Hopefully you come to love him as much as I do and if not, please leave your complaints in the comments section where I'll immediately forward them to him.

How did you meet your partner? Was it an instant attraction or did it take time for love to settle in?