Paying Your Nanny on NYE, Comfy Outfits to Celebrate In, and Lemonade!

Lovers! The end of the year is upon us (FINALLY!) and I couldn't be more excited. Not only does this shitshow of a year die in 2 days but 2017 is when I get to meet my Baby! I can't believe it. We have a lot to pack into January though and I've got some juicy gossip about my life and some helpful parenting tips lined up for you in the new year!

Let's end this year on a high note first though and chat about paying your caregivers on NYE. It's typical for a caregiver to charge a "Holiday Rate" for New Years which can be anything from 2$-10$ higher than their normal rate. Don't scoff at the higher rates though - they're sacrificing their holiday plans so you can carry out yours. If you've been lucky enough to find someone that doesn't charge extra, it would be awesome for you to order dinner for them from their restaurant of choice or throw in an extra 10$ or 20$ into the total at the end of the night. NYE tends to be a super late night so if you're familiar with your caregiver, offer for them to spend the night so they're not driving home at 3am. Remember to keep paying them until you come home - even though they might have gone to bed 2 hours prior, they're still there in case of an emergency...or if your little one just needs a drink of water. 

Being 5.5 months pregnant, I don't really plan on doing much this NYE - in fact, I'll be working most of the night. BUT if I was going out, this outfit would be something that would be perfect. I'm obsessing hard over these cutout boots lately and at only 20$, they can't be beat. It's hard enough for me to stand these days for long periods of time, let alone in heels so this flat bootie with a super trendy cutout is both form and function. My black skirt is one I got at Forever21 about 4 years ago pulled up over my bump. I tried to jazz up the basicness of the skirt by tossing on this hand-me-down cutout tee, tied nicely around my sweet baby bump. I love that it adds a little something of a rocker vibe but it's not too flashy. Perfect even if you're not preggo!

I'll be toasting in the new year with.... LEMONADE! It's the one thing I've consistently craved throughout the duration of my pregnancy. My husband is kind enough to use fresh lemons with some agave to make a pitcher of it every week for me. I don't know why but lemonade has never been more refreshing! With the weather in Los Angeles climbing to 80 degrees yesterday (WHAT?!?!?!) it's been nice to go to the park with my Nanny Kids and sit in the sun sipping my precious lemonade. Here's to a fresh start in 2017!

What will you be wearing this New Years? Tag @loveofalittleone on insta so I can check out all those sweet outfits!