A Simple Spruce Up - an old trick for a new space!

My husband and I just recently moved and per my usual routine when moving into a new place, I spruced up the cabinets and drawers. I wanted to share this simple DIY since I feel like not only does it make a difference in how you feel about your surroundings but it's such a great and cost effective way to add some personality to your home!

We're planning to use this trick in the Baby's room to spruce up the drawers and the shelves in the built-in dresser. For newborns and babies, wrapping paper would work fine, however I would use contact paper for toddlers and older kids. They have a tendency to pull things out from drawers with little to no abandon and you don't want one of those things to be the lining. I'll update you more on our little one's space but since that won't be getting used until May, we decided to DIY the kitchen cabinets first.

I've used both wrapping paper and contact paper but since we were sprucing up the cabinets where there would be a lot of items moving often, I went with contact paper. We used DUCK brand however I chose this product after searching Amazon for contact paper and it was cute and cheap! We went this route because we still rent and since it wasn't that big of a job, we wanted to spend our budget elsewhere. However, if you own a home or have a bigger budget, there are some pretty amazing contact papers out there! 

                  The previous tenant had covered the shelves with duck tape - it had to go.

                  The previous tenant had covered the shelves with duck tape - it had to go.

The actual DIY is easy enough - measure and cut the contact paper to the shelves or drawers. I had originally thought I would be laying down one single piece to cover the entire shelf however I didn't like the way the pattern looked. So we took a little bit of a more time consuming route and cut them into panels. In the end, I like the look much better so it was worth it!

The paper is pretty easy to peel up if you get bubbles and if you're working on smaller spaces it's easy enough to apply by yourself. I enlisted the help of my husband though since the shelves were a little bit high for me and I needed to stand on a step stool to really line up the back. #shortpersonprobs

In the end, I think it turned out really well. I love how bright it makes the white paint look and how it makes the kitchen look a little more pulled together. We have some extra contact paper left over in which we might use on the inside panel of the doors. In total, the whole project took about 45 minutes. Easy Peasy!

Do you have a standard DIY that spruces up new dwellings? Have you ever done the wrapping paper/contact paper spruce up before?