Bump Day Style

PLEASE NOTE: I link to some fashion finds in the below post. I get NO kickbacks for any purchases and was not asked to post in return for compensation of any kind. I just really like the products that I've linked!

My friends hosted a game night the other day and it was the perfect excuse for me to feel like a real person and get dressed. I have the luxury of a job where I could show up in PJs and still be considered overdressed so even though Game Night was hella casual, I used the opportunity to feel good about myself. Since I would be seeing some friends that I hadn't seen since getting pregnant, I wanted to show off the bump but still show that I was the same old me. And since I love to dress to a theme, I went with 50s Mom with Killer Shoes.

My jeans are Jessica Simpson Skinny Fit Maternity Pants and right now Destination Maternity is selling them at 30% off! Get them HERE

I've always loved clothes and getting ready to go out is almost as fun as the actual going out. I've been determined since getting pregnant to not change my ideology behind my fashion choices. I tend to keep classic pieces, inherit hand me downs (I have some very fashionable Nanny Moms that let me have the pick of last seasons best), and only purchase what I NEED. When buying clothes I like to either buy recycled from places like Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange and recently sent in a ton of old clothes to ThredUp in exchange for credit for more recycled fashion. All three sited places will accept sales by mail which means you don't have to live in Los Angeles to use their services! Textiles are one of the largest contributors to mass landfills and many fibers will never break down. Exchanging, sharing, and purchasing recycled clothing is not only good for your wallet but it's good for the Earth. 

I'm also INCREDIBLY cheap so I NEVER buy clothes at full price. Seriously. If it's not on sale, it's not being purchased. The last new thing I bought were my maternity pants and I didn't even buy them - my husband insisted on purchasing them for me and I think it was mostly out of pity considering I was still trying to fit into my non-pregnancy jeans and they were being held closed with a hair tie. I told you - I only buy when I feel necessary! 

My white shirt is a recycled vintage find with an adorable French label but you can get a similarly cute and classic one HERE. My mules are Charlotte Russe from about 5 years ago but the front panel detail on THESE give that rocker vibe.

I feel like I really hit the mark with my Game Night outfit. It was comfy and casual but most of all, it made me feel good. I felt put together, grown up, and I loved how leaving the white button down shirt open really showcased that baby bump - which turned into more of a GIANT baby bump after all the homemade goodies I ate! I would absolutely wear this outfit if I wasn't pregnant! I encourage you to shop recycled or to find stuff in your closet that you already have but check out the linked pages for some cost effective options that are similar.

How do you feel about recycled fashion? Do you stick to a budget when clothes shopping or do you follow the seasons newest trends? Show me how you style your bump on Instagram with the hashtag #LoLoBumpDay