A word about dem boobies

Let's talk boobs. My boobs specifically. 

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my boobs. What used to be my boobs, what my boobs are now, and horrifyingly, what my boobs might be in the future. In a statement of self love, I'll say I LOVED my boobs. Followed up with a statement of pure vanity, I'll say I had really good boobs. They were perky, a nice handful, and perfectly round. They were big enough to show off in a pushup bra but small enough that I could go without. A perfect large B/small C cup.

You'll notice I've put all those attributes in past tense. See, that's how my boobs USED to be. They're not that way anymore. Now, that small C cup runneth over. Now, that perfect roundness is a bit...flat but thick, like a deflated balloon with pudding inside. Now, that smooth skin that was once perfect for showing off has blue veins running throughout.

On a trip to Mexico a couple years ago, I toasted my boobs with cheap beer and one dollar bills. Now, I'm one sneeze away from a Nip Slip.

My husband will tell you my new boobs are just as perfect but that's because he loves me. I love me too but I'm also incredibly honest with myself. Before getting pregnant, I didn't think I wanted to breastfeed solely on the fact that I knew what that might mean for the fate of my boobs. You can say it was vain and I won't stop you because that's exactly what it was and I'm ok with that. It's the same vanity that stops me from becoming an MMA cage fighter because I love my nose too much.

I'm aware that boobs can go back to pre-baby normal. The chance is pretty on par with them staying the same or (GASP) one going back to normal and one remaining how it is now. There's also a chance they get worse. I'm pretty set on breastfeeding but that decision was only firmed up after my boobies softened. It seemed to be making the best out of a not so great situation. I'm hoping that I get to have this amazing bond with my baby that results from the time spent nursing. I'm also hoping that once we're done with the nursing completely, I'll be able to have my old boobs back. I'm just the kind of gal who wants to have her C cup bra and wear it too.

Last thing; I'm NOT comparing my boobs to anyone else's and you shouldn't either! I know that there will be some that look at the above pictures and see no difference or maybe even think my boobs look better now! I thank you for that. We're often hardest on ourselves and while I compare my new self to my old self, I try to do it with humor and humility. I looked at a lot of boob related posts on other websites before deciding to go forth with this post. Most women just want to know that there's someone out there that might feel the same way as them. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes and my hope is that women read this post and realize that even though they've experienced similar changes, we've all got great knockers! Despite my nit picking, I know that my boobs, no matter how thick or droopy they may become, are amazing. They can feed my child if that's what works best and they can also look great with some boob tape and a great bra. I hope that today you look down at your own boobs and recognize how awesome they are!

I loved bralettes since before getting pregnant and they've absolutely helped cage the beasts since. I get mine at GOJANE.com - they're cheap but sturdy and they look great with a low cut top or feel comfy under a sweater. (I was in no way paid to say this, btw! I just REALLY like their bralettes and I get a lot of compliments on the several different kinds that I own!)

What about my other breastfeeding mamas? Do you mourn for your boobs of babies past or did the bond of nursing help you forget about them?