I'm not like a regular vegan, I'm a cool vegan!

Wait, STOP! Don't go! I swear I'm not going to try and convince you to go vegan. I'm not going to stand on my recycled soapbox and preach about the wonders of veganism...I promise! BUT, I also promised to be honest and personal and well, I AM a vegan so I felt like I should take a moment to mention it. 

First off, being vegan works for ME. That's about as far as I'll go in trying to convince anyone of anything. Five years ago I made the switch from being an almost lifetime vegetarian to being a full fledged vegan. Like most, in the early days, I cheated...a lot. Then I did some research, learned all the naughty vegan foods out there (HELLO OREOS!) and haven't looked back. I'm always open to answering questions or having conversations on the topic. Being vegan is part of who I am, a part that I really love and in recent years, have learned to be confident about. #proudvegan

I wanted to mention this part of my life because I've remained vegan throughout my pregnancy AND absolutely plan on raising my baby as a vegan as well. My husband is still learning how to life the vegan lifestyle but he never brings any non-vegan food items home. None of my friends are vegan and I love them dearly. Collectively as a group we have far too many meals for me to ask them to only eat vegan with me but they are thoughtful and always provide vegan items during "family meals" at any of our homes. And they like good food so they're always down to try tasty vegan meals!

ABOVE: Follow Your Heart vegan egg omelet, brussel sprouts with balsamic reduction, cinnamon roll, and pizza....always pizza.

We'll absolutely talk more about this part of my life on the blog but not so that I can convince you to be anyone other than who are. I want to give facts, insight, and maybe a yummy recipe or two that appeases EVERYONES tastebuds! Plus, I selfishly want support and want to offer support to other vegan mamas-to-be and families. (Finding a vegan friendly pediatrician?! School meals?! BIRTHDAY PARTIES!?!?! ---How do you navigate these things?)

Hopefully you'll read these posts and laugh or cry or gain insight. At the very least, you'll hopefully come to realize that it's good to be different, it's better to be proud of who you are, and it's the best when we can all come together to share, grow, and experience!

Any vegan mama's out there? Did you remain vegan throughout your pregnancy?