Let's Get Personal

Let's be honest - everyone loves to hear about the personal lives of other people and what's a blog if not incredibly personal?! I want to take a post to talk a little bit about myself and my life so that when we venture on together in the future, you're confident the facts and figures you're receiving aren't from a crazy person. 

I envisioned the idea for this blog years ago but wasn't able to put it together until recently. Why? Fear of failure - simple as that. Luckily, I have some amazing people in my life who inspire me on the regular AND I realized that for all my lack of confidence in the blogging world, I more than made up for it in the World of Babies and Children. And now here I am - years older but much braver. 

When I finally started to get this blog off the ground - thinking of posts, putting together pages, ponying up the monthly payment for a domain name - my ideas centered around the care of children, the difficulties of eating, sleeping, and discipline, and how to avoid stepping on Legos. Yet, with all things in life changes occur and since the conception of this blog, I have met and secretly married my husband (after only 5 weeks of knowing him), I have traded in my cute little Mini for a family friendly Prius, and I have recently become host to a little alien we like to call a Fetus. So along with my ever growing belly, this blog will now expand, it will grow, and it will get just a little more personal. The posts about the nitty gritty of child care will remain and the honesty will NEVER dissipate but I intend to now include stories about myself and my life. I hope you'll find the posts about my elopement, my worst day as a mother, and my insane love of maternity jeans a refreshing break from the specifics of how to keep a 3 year old in bed. 

So here's to getting to know one another a little better, growing a little closer, and getting a little more personal!