To those of you that haven't noticed, kids these days are EVERYWHERE. Like a plague that doesn't let up, children surround us on a daily basis. Some of you reading this, might at this very moment, be the proud owners of several of your very own children! Congrats! Kids can be the absolute best sometimes....and sometimes....they can be the absolute worst. This is a safe space. A space where people can come to learn, laugh, and complain about the ridiculous, nonsensical, and adorable Little Ones in their lives. 

This blog will focus on the three main things I hear parents complain about, ask advice about, and generally struggle with - Eating, Sleeping, and Discipline. We'll be addressing these issues A LOT. There's a ton of blogs out there that dedicate their time to arts and crafts or how to turn two chairs and an old sweatshirt into a secret multi story fort. They've got the fun stuff covered. I'm here to help with the messy stuff. The times where you feel like you wish there was a parenting manual, the times where you've escaped to the back of your closet with drink in hand. There will definitely be some posts that explore and celebrate the amazing lives of children but I also want this to be a space where we can admit that children can be difficult. That we as caregivers can come together and not be afraid to say that sometimes, it sucks being the adult in the relationship. Where we can help teach each other how to parent as opposed to tearing each other down. There is no manual and most parents or caregivers are new to this, even the ones that already have kids. Each time a new child comes into your life, you have to learn to re-navigate the waters of parenting, now with an extra one or two or three kids in tow! IT CAN BE HARD!!! Luckily, you have me, you have this blog, you have all the other caregivers that come to seek and give advice. So swig that drink one last time, crawl out of the closet, and let's get to it!