Los Angeles BIRTHFIT Information and Upcoming Classes


Come join your BIRTHFIT tribe in 2018! We are offering BOTH the Postpartum series and our Breath & Flow series! These classes will be hosted by Dr. Eileen, a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor!

If you have been dealing with a diastasis recti, weak pelvic floor, trouble holding your pee, or dealing with back pain, the BIRTHFIT classes are for you mama!

The BIRTHFIT Breath & Flow: This series is designed to help heal the diastasis recti, strengthen the pelvic floor, and reestablish your core. The class starts with breath work and evolves into full body functional motor patterns. Come ready to move and connect with the BIRTHFIT tribe and like-minded moms.

This series is a 4 week class that will be held on Wednesdays January 3rd – January 24th at GraceFull from 1-2pm and non-mobile babies are welcome to join! ($99 for whole 4 week series)

The BIRTHFIT Postpartum: Now that you are about 6 months (or more) postpartum it is time to honor your postpartum body and regain muscle strength. We are going to strengthen your core, wake up your glutes and posterior chain, and enhance your posture through safe and effective functional movements that transfer into everyday tasks! Come ready to have fun and sweat ladies!

This is an 8 week class that is held on Mondays January 8th- February 26th At Elevate Fitness Complex at 1-2pm ($169 for whole 8 week series)

Space is limited for BOTH classes – if you are interested, please reserve a spot by emailing Dr. Eileen at BIRTHFITsilverlake@gmail.com

We can help you choose which series fits you and your needs best and we offer a discounted rate if you choose to take BOTH sessions! Feel free to email if you have any questions at all!

Start the year off by giving yourself a little self-love and much needed movement and healing!