Love of a Little One was born out of the need for some realness when it comes to raising tiny humans. A space to learn, share, and mostly come together with others at times when you might feel like you're the only person wiping puke off their shirt for the fifth time that day. It's ok - we're all in this together.

A Bit About Me 

I'm Lauren, a thirty something DONA trained postpartum doula and former career nanny of 17 years living in sunny California. I believe every parent deserves guidance and support through the often unknown waters that are "bringing home baby". As a postpartum doula, I bring non-judgemental and unbiased support to families of all shapes and sizes, and am passionate about spreading how important postpartum care is, even for families with new babies from adoptions or surrogacy. I strongly believe every new family deserves support and care through the magical and exciting time after baby is born.  My wonderful husband and I just had our first child, Silas, in April 2017 and I was able to give birth at home, unmedicated thanks to a wonderful birth and support team of amazing people. We're navigating parenthood with our incredibly handsome dog, Cornelius.  

I created my blog because I like to find the humor in everyday life with kids because if I didn't laugh, I'd cry (usually over a glass of wine after hours). My blog is a space where I could share everything I've learned over the last 17 years, especially those skills I've perfected. I also wanted to create a space that would allow other caregivers some breathing room to be honest about the kids in their lives. Kids are so amazing and fun and frustrating and hard to figure out and a million other things and I wanted to create a space that would allow for honest questions, honest discussions, and honest insight about all the Little Ones in our lives.